Pepperoni ‘n’ Jalapeno Pizza and Sci Fi


It’s a lovely evening in my Liberia stationed expat family. Ya’l going out  for Pizza Hut or Chili’s tonight don’t know how good you’ve got it. If you were like me, for better or worse stuck in a country with one good coffee shop and broken dirt roads everywhere, you’d be making your own pizzas as well. So while this pizza is in the oven, and I’m listening to John Prine played by my lovely spouse, I thought this evening is as good as any to kick off my Jalapeño Fiction rollercoaster.

So what’s been going on in Sci Fi movies in 2015? Of the top of my head, ‘Martian‘ and ‘Ex Machina‘. What a powerful twosome! And while Mr. Prine is singing: “Some human ain’t human…“, I’m thinking, right on, John! Some of them are actually cyborgs, or aliens, or something even worse that that. Meanwhile my pizza is ready, and I need to set up a shop for the pizza and movie night. I think I’ll start from ‘Ex Machina‘. It was a good one, and I would love to see it again, which of itself speaks in favor of the movie.

Later tonight I will write my first review for the Jalapeño Fiction 2016 nomination, and if by some fluke chance someone comes across this brand new blog, don’t be shy, let me know you are here in comments, and let’s talk some Sci Fi.


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