Things I Do To Avoid Writing: Reminiscing About a Year of Procrastination

Here is the rough list of things I’ve done over the past year (outside of the ‘real’ work) to avoid finishing my 2 novels.

Sketching my characters


Sculpting my characters from clay


Reenacting scenes starring my sculpted characters

2014-08-29 15.53.27.jpg

Improving major science theories

2014-05-01 14.53.29.jpg

On this one, my spouse sometimes walks in and I give him ‘that’ look: “Hon, I got it! I got it! Light is not moving through space! It’s  stationary! In fact, it’s the fifth dimension, like the system of coordinates, 3D space + time is 4D. + light is 5D. Movement is relative. That is why we are moving through time-light system of coordinates with the speed of light, as as through the film frames…” As I draw graphs and explain it to him, soon I stumble and excuse myself for needing to work some more on that particular aspect.

Making pizza

2016-01-09 18.21.48.jpg

Making cakes

2016-01-09 19.43.19.jpg

(It’s not a nasty word. Seriously. Check it out)


Trolling American presidential candidates12321154_1028844200501685_4714148834744576014_n.jpg

Some more trolling12342517_1028983303821108_1739209819630479969_n.jpgLearning from The Masters


Moving across the globe….


Making cute pet pictures


Taking more pictures and thinking what kind of Sci Fi plot they could fit in


On rare days, when all puppy videos are viewed, Facebook and inbox is checked, coffee is brewed, I travel far away, inside my head, and ultimately to the stars. Words emerge…


So here is to those rare days. I hope there will be more of them in 2016…


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