Million Deaths of Lt. Mazula. Ep. 2. Mini-Series (SCi Fi)

Hi everyone! I wrote the second episode of my alien battle Sci Fi mini-series! Check it out, I’d like to hear what you think. As an amateur writer, I appreciate the feedback.

To recap, the story is set in some distant future. Humans think they are hot shit when it comes to space. However, in our back yard, in the neighboring Sagittarius Dwarf galaxy, there are species (we call them Unkari) planning billions of years into the future to take over our quadrant of the galaxy. See, Unkari have a real estate problem: Sagittarius Dwarf is being sucked in by the Milky Way’s gravitation. It’s a stare down battle between humans and Unkari, and we blinked first. The Earth Nations Command gathered intelligence, that Unkari have stolen powerful technology and testing it on an abandoned moon Erinozhan. The Earth Nations sends a platoon into the Unkari’s space (what were they thinking?) to investigate. It does not go well for the platoon, and particularly to the heroes of the story, Lieutenant Mazula and Ensign River. (check Episodes 1 and 2 here)

Source: Million Deaths of Lt. Mazula. Ep. 2. Mini-Series (SCi Fi)

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