The Sagittarius Dwarf galaxy and the Milky Way Dance

Take a look at this galactic cannibalism! Our closest neighbor, Sagittarius Dwarf galaxy, is being shredded like a block of Parmigiano! And our Milky way is like a big house special pizza (probably with jalapeños too!). Food associations aside, do you know that some scientists speculate that our sun (and even maybe our whole solar system) comes from Sagittarius Dwarf, the mysterious old galaxy with arguably unusually high percentage of dark matter. Boo! Space horror thriller! As I am writing the 3rd Episode of the Sci Fi mini-series, “Million Deaths of Lt. Mazula”, I hypothesize, what if:

  • Sagittarius Dwarf galaxy was the home to an old and advanced race,
  • This race lived extremely long, arguably because they had an alternative methane-based chemistry,
  • As the result of this galactic cannibalism, their home stars and planets were evicted and dispersed through the Milky Way, a galaxy inhabited by young, arrogant, and extremely short-lived species – humans.

These are the bricks that I am using for the next episode. Check it out, tell me what do you think! Bon appetit!



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