Million Deaths of Lt. Mazula. Ep.3 (SCi Fi, Mini-Series)

Hi everyone! Today I posted episode #3 of my Sci Fi mini-series! What’s new? New artwork featuring Lt. Mazula and En. River, so you can visualize them while reading. Also, a lot of cool science tid-bits. I try my best to incorporate accurate science. Here are the themes I used this time:

1. Arecibo transmissions to space of 1974 – real stuff. We sent a signal about basic human biochemistry. Subsequently humans sent a lot of stuff to space, like the 2 Voyager unmanned missions containing 2 gold-plated CDs with information about humanity. They are still traveling and transmitting back to us!

2. Alternative biochemistry theories. Indeed, no reason for aliens to be made of the same stuff that we are, that is carbon as building blocks of everything organic, and water as a solvent. My aliens Unkari are built on methane and nitrogen. This means that their worlds must be well below -150°C! Methane has a very low temperature of freezing. In Earth atmosphere and temperature methane is a colorless odorless gass (hint).

3. Gliese 581 – a real star system nearby Earth. Who knows what we’ll find out there?

Anyway, take a look at the chapter. I’d like to hear your thoughts!

Source: Million Deaths of Lt. Mazula. Ep.3 (SCi Fi, Mini-Series)

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