Who Is This Ellie Maloney Anyway?


This picture sums up a lot about me, except my office is often a lot messier, because I paint, sculpt from clay, sketch, draw, build cardboard spaceship models and who knows what else. My husband once said: “You live in a fantasy world, and it’s a happy place.” Could not agree more.

I used to be much older then, I’m younger then that now. – Bob Dylan

I became a professional early in life. At age 17 I started working as a clerk in a small prosecution office. I became ‘old and wise’ early, talking the talk, walking the walk of small-time legal bureaucrats. While doing that day job, within about 7 years, I earned a Bachelor’s in Economics and a Master’s in Law. I moved on to different professional jobs, thinking I was done with education. However, shortly I applied for a competitive scholarship in the U.S. and, to my own huge surprise, I won it. This brought me to the United States (ways away from my home country!), where I breezed through the Master’s in Public Administration.

I obtained my third professional degree at age 27. Too fast, too soon, too furious. I did not realize that these supersonic speeds took a toll on me. Periodically I escaped to Michaels and Lowes as if those were the holy dwelling places of magic. Everything there excited me: builder’s tools, oil paints, knitting yarn, anything that could be crafted and molded, painted and created, was there for me to explore. I used to paint before, but it seems that the Appalachian Mountains uncovered a spring well of inspiration in me.

Fast forward about 2-3 years, and I am writing science fiction on a fairly regular basis while taking my professional career in new directions. 2015 was a great year for me professionally. I was commissioned three manuals on gender and diversity for public service employees in Moldova and Afghanistan. I wrote content, illustrated the manuals, delivered follow-up training. With all of that going on, I managed to write drafts of my 2 Sci Fi novels: “Dark Matter Rises” and “The Day I Died“, two parts in the 5-book series that popped up in my head one morning, all of it altogether, like some divine info dump, and the only thing I have to do now is to make it a fun read. I am planning to share parts (or even all of it) on this web site sometime soon.

Looking back, I suspect that I always was a writer: when being a lawyer, a grad student, a public service employer, and now an independent gender and law consultant. The difference is that ‘I used to be much older then; I’m younger then that now‘. (Thank you, Bob, It’s a great line!)




    1. lol. jalapeños = hot= spicy = can’t get enough of = sci fi. That’s why! Also I am planning to kick off my Jalapeño Fiction award for the movies and novels published/aired in 2015, but I haven’t gotten around to post any reviews yet. Keeping busy with creative writing! Anyway, thanks for stopping by, I love chatting with people here.

      1. So, you are a spicy Latina? Or…er…whaaa? How does the “sic i” fit in there?

        You are aspiring to do movie reviews? Welcome to my 2007. 😛

        Well, then stop by my dusty chat cafe or drop a line if you care to discuss anything from movies to writing and/or art/drawing. I’ll chat with ya.

        FYI I like a lil spice in women. But, I am not much of a spicy food or fan. I can’t seem to type f-iction in this space for some really freaky reason…?!

        1. Oh did I misspell something again? 🙂 No, I’m not Latina. I’ll keep the mystery on that one. Ellie Maloney is the name that also literally popped in my head the moment I woke up, with the ‘Jalapeño Fiction’ line. I woke up, sat in bed, and … Boom. Ellie Maloney Jalapeño Fiction. Googled, no famous namesakes. Then it’s mine for taking! I am not hiding my name, I only want to keep getting these ‘grown up world’ jobs that pay for my goofing around, and I don’t want the sci fi stuff become so obvious. I’m too young for this consulting field anyway, and I do a lot of ‘image’ things to look ‘mature’ and ‘credible’ (as I am in my resume).

          1. It’s usually Latinas using the word spicy to describe themselves…or the rare Philippina.

            So, you just woke up one day and God handed you a blog script, including a title/name and alias?

          2. I mean, how it all started is true. Never know if it’s God sent or quirky flares of my brain… Anyway, I thought, name is good, idea is good. Let’s get busy writing!

          3. Hmm. I guess I’m just a regular green pepper, then. I used to be a Dr Pepper until I got tired of injecting chemicals into my system.

          4. Here is a curiosity. When I was in the U.S. living in the dorm for a bit, I lived with a lot of Southern folks (South Americans that is). They say we have similar personalities, and I grew to like everything jalapeño .

          5. Where in the world is Ellie Jalapeno…

            The informant says: She passed through the US to attend college with some South Americans who share spiritual heritage with this home nation.

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