I Should Be Designing Book Covers. First 5 Requests Get Free Book Covers!


Dinking around: to goof off for long periods of time when you should be doing important things. – Urban Dictionary

So I was dinking around here and sketching stuff. Then, as I usually do, I took a picture with my google Nexus phone (it takes great pictures, really HD), ran it through Pixlr and… voila! I designed a book cover. And I wasn’t even trying! The problem is, I don’t have such a book! I have 2 novels in the pipeline, and I already designed book covers for them! Sooooo getting ahead of myself… Here’s an idea.

Do you need a book cover? A short story illustration?

I’ll do it …. for  free (only first 5 requests)!

What you need to do:

  1. Write me in the comment section stating  your request (one request per person).
  2. Give me credit for the artwork when you use it (name, blog and web address).
  3. Write about my blog and the giveaway on your blog with the link to this post.

That simple!


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