Hawking, Rudd and Quantum Chess: The Reign of Nerd


I’m in the Nerdland! Watch this hilarious video! What I liked about it, is that Rudd actually reminded me myself about 4-5 years ago, when I got the Quantum Virus! Now I quantum too! So can you! Check out the video, Anyone can quantum!

Quantum physics was not part of my physics curriculum in school, and I dearly regret it. Once I became infected with the Quantum bug, I started reading and watching everything on the subject, starting from the soft stuff, like Morgan Freeman’s “Through the Wormhole” and such, and eventually progressing to actual open lectures in Stanford by Susskind, textbooks on QM and such, so that if you look through my kindle library, it looks about like this:


I was actually considering to sign up for a real online class on QM 101 and started reading the pre-req math textbooks. Snooze-factor kicked in. So instead I decided to develop my theories in fiction. Here, I have every right to be wrong. Hear hear, Nerddome! I’m your permanent resident!


  1. hahahahaha that did crack me up… in a painful sort of way… like… I felt wrong laughing because it’s really insulting hawking, but… dammit, it was still funny lmao

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