“Million Deaths of Lt. Mazula”: Meet Unkari

Credit: Ellie Maloney

Hi everyone! I wanted to give a quick shout out to everyone who has been following my Sci Fi mini-series. I am honored and grateful for all your likes and comments! You keep my imagination spinning! Thank you! Also, Episode 4 was out yesterday, so I wanted to talk a little about it.

First, check out my version of Unkari, the aliens who captured Earth Nations soldiers Lieutenant Mazula and Ensign River. I’m sure you had some kind of visualization of these bastards in your head while reading, so I’d like to know what was your version like.

Second, as to the science part of my fiction, Episode 4 contained a piece where the characters tried to identify if they were aging through examining their chromosomes. This piece is based on absolutely real science idea. Evidently, at the ends of each of 46 our chromosomes, there are thingies called telomeres. These thingies don’t carry actual genetic information, but they protect DNA strands from scrambling. Every time a cell divides, it copies all of the 46 chromosomes, except for a little bit of the telomeres at the ends.

My impression of chromosome division

Eventually, when no telomeres are left to copy, the cells are said to ‘retire’ and stop dividing. Anyway, by analyzing her DNA cells, Ensign River was able to say just by how much she has aged, and because of this, she was convinced that she was not going back in time when she experienced her own version of Groundhog Day.

A tangentially relevant idea for Sci Fi writers would be reversing this process and achieving immortality! Some scientists speculate, if they could control telomeres, make them somehow to regenerate, the cells would continue division, and we would never age. How is that for a Sci Fi plot?

Finally, I decided to shorten the series a bit. That being said, I am planning to make Episode 6 a season finale. Episodes 5 and 6 will have major surprises and plot twists, and will resolve the current predicament of soldiers Mazula and River. How? In an good or bad way? Can’t say. Partly I don’t know yet, because today I was sketching the story out (both with words and with images), and I can’t wait to find out the rest of the story myself. I am also considering to start a new ‘season’ right after the finale, however, the story will have a change of pace, setting, and maybe even characters. I want some change! And coincidentally it is entirely in my power to deliver it. Lucky me!

If you haven’t read the series before, but are somewhat interested, click here to get all four episodes. And if you do, I’d really like to hear from you in the comments! Thanks!

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  1. So I pictured the Unkari a bit like the Vogon’s are depicted in the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy. Big, blubbery, reptilian, with large mouths attempting to imitate human speech (nice job achieving that effect, by the way) 😀

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