Fighting for the Word Count

Credit: Ellie Maloney

Not sure if anyone noticed, but I was behind on my self-imposed deadline for the Episode 9 of the “Million Deaths of Lt. Mazula”, which I finally published tonight. I had a serious reason. First, food poisoning; second, this amazing heaven-like Liberian resort. Everyone knows that my Liberian temporary residence was a hardship post for me. My shoes are serving a sentence in the closet, I can’t stand all this anti-mosquito poison I have to spray over me and over my house… I can name my hardships for hours. But God is good. Apparently, there is this wonderful haven outside the capital city Monrovia, and I found out about it after four months of suffering!

Last weekend we went to this exclusive property with clean beach, good food, and nothing but pampering and relaxation. Not surprisingly, I brainstormed really cool ideas for the next episodes. And let me tell you, it is good stuff. Can’t wait to put it in words.

Other than that, I started a Diary of another character in the series, Ebony River. As of today, four episodes are published.

Between the main series and the diary, I have about 20k words. What do you think I should do with it? I definitely have enough of plot for at least twice as much, and I will have to heavily edit it (you know, I have some signature grammar errors, that I probably could even claim to be my style).

But seriously, any advice from experienced folks there? I have not published (nor submitted) anything yet. Should I shoot for something of 17-20k length or 50-70k length?

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