Flash Fiction Competition due April 30, 2016 Attn: #Blogbattle


Howdy the renowned #Blogbattle community! I found this flash  fiction competition (for up to 500 words) with the prizes of 300, 200, and 100 £! There are so many stories already written, maybe some of you can find something to be fixed up for this challenge.

May the fiction be with you!



  1. Tempting, but I’m a little insulted by anything that *charges* you to work for them. If they’re not planning on marketing the finished product and actually making money that way, then it’s just vanity. And if they are, then their source of revenue shouldn’t be the authors. Even if the work you put in is not something they want, they are being benefited with having multiple choices. I understand if they don’t want to pay you for that benefit you’re giving them, but charging you for it is just a step too far in my book.

    1. Yeah, valid sentiment. although I asked recently someone who knows a lot about writing, editing and publishing, and the person said that it is a common practice to charge for submissions these days. I thought they were going to publish an anthology or something… I need to check again. Actually this is not the highest fee i’ve seen, although this is just a 500 word piece…

      1. Yes, I’m sure it is common to charge for submissions… when it’s *vanity.* if they’re going to publish an anthology it’s a slap in the face.
        And if they’re not publishing, then it’s sort of just a gamble… you pay for your tickets and you might win… I’ll just play the lottery… it’s less work. Then I don’t have to both spend an hour writing the piece AND another hour making the 5 pounds.

        Sorry, this sort of upsets me. Because if they are planning on making money with it by selling it, it’s just stupidly selfish of the middle-man. “Oh yeah, all you authors pay me, and then all you readers pay me, and then I’ll give a little of the pure profit I’m making to three of the best authors. And we’ll call it even.” *wink wink*

        1. True. That’s some clear thinking on your part. I have a lot of these ‘submissions’ in my reader. This one at least was reasonably priced, so I posted it. However, the only benefit of this I can see is the official ‘publication’. This might count somewhere on the writer’s resume.

          1. I wasn’t meaning to attack you or anything lol… it’s clear that you had good intentions, and very good reasons, and many people may be very interested in entering… I’m just mad at *them.* Sorry, sometimes I talk too much lol.

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