Stargate Humor! Happy March 3rd!


Haha famous Jack O’Neill’s humor! #stargate #sg1 #rda #richarddeananderson #ilovestargate #tauri #jacko’neill


  1. hahaha, I know people criticize this series, and particularly this guy all the time, but I absolutely loved it lol

    1. u kidding? stargate is a cult classic! i used to think I’m strange liking it. But first, you don’t get to have a show for 10 seasons and have 2 franchises and a few movies if nobody’s watching it. Second, I signed up for a Facebook group ‘stargate fan club’. Oh my God! It is a non-stop crazy flow of adoration. Folks are so into it. Some watch the show over and over again, constantly. I’m a mild fan comparing to a lot of them, I have seen it maybe 3 times 😉

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