Tired of Aliens Landing on the White House Lawn? I’ve Got Something for You!


That one time when I played with clay. Credit: Ellie Maloney

Do you desire new sci fi plots without compromising the beloved genre? I got it for you!

Three reasons to read

Million Deaths of Lt. Mazula“:

  1. Science. It is real sci fi with a lot of science, but not too much to make it inaccessible. Much like Stargate SG1 used a lot of science premises to build it’s plot around, ‘Mazula & River‘ series draws on astronomy, chemistry and physics to create science premises integral to the story.
  2. Aliens. Unkari are a strange bunch. First, they come from the worlds where -180°C is a hot day and the oceans are filled with liquid methane and cyanide (making a good use of the alternative biochemistry E.T. theories).  Unkari initiated the ‘first contact’ in 2275, but the Earth Nations government blew the diplomatic relations, and the three-eyed creatures packed their bags and left. But did we really expect that the advanced an ancient species would be so easy to scare away, when their own home, Sagittarius Dwarf galaxy, is at stake?  Not likely. In other words, there will be blood.
  3. It is not about the White House any more. How come every time the aliens show up, it is in Nevada? What’s so special about the U.S.? In the Mazula & River series, Unkari made the ‘first contact’ coming out of the Atlantic Ocean on the Liberian Coast. The HQ of the Earth Nations and the Royal Moroccan Fleet is in Rabat, a Moroccan city. Reinsford Mazula was born in Liberian city Zwedru, and Ebony River – on the 4th Orbital Colony, home of a reclusive and wickedly smart human race.  Human reservation on the home Unkari planet Lenauri is named Istanbul. Finally, humans are in the process of terraforming about two dozens of other worlds in the Milky Way galaxy. See! No Washington DC in the picture! You know why? Because the environmental disaster caused the Big Ice, severe drop in the temperature on the Earth Prime. The disaster left a narrow 30° stretch around the equator good for human habitat and turned the Central Africa in the hot bed of human civilization.

Bonus: strong and quirky female character. Ebony River is a genetically enhanced genius, whose race cut all personal contacts with the rest of humanity. No, they did not abandon humans, they just don’t feel like wasting time on social niceties. 4th Orbital has science mysteries to solve. That was until Ebony turned 18 and decided that she wanted to travel. This did not go well with her family and her government, and Ebony asked asylum on Earth Prime. The ‘nice’ folks over there said: “Sure, why not. Under one condition: you will serve in the military.” This is how Ebony ended up in the Royal Moroccan Fleet. Later, on her first field assignment, she and Lt. Mazula were among the only survivors captured by the Unkari. Ebony journaled about her days as a cadet in the RMF Academy sharing her life as a political refugee and the first citizen of the 4th to serve in the military. Follow “Ebony River’s Diary” if you want to find more.

I hope you’ll enjoy it and let me know what you think in the comments. Here you can access all the episodes  of the “Million Deaths of Lt. Mazula” series.


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