Watching “Cloud Atlas” and Admiring Tom Hanks

I am watching “Cloud Atlas” (2012 Sci Fi) and I had to pause because, hey, it’s Liberia, and the Internet is like in the 1990s, so I’m buffering the video. Meanwhile, Tom Hanks, all I have to say. The Man. Amazing performance, as always.



  1. Now this one I actually did like quite a bit. It’s not Perfect, but I enjoyed it all. I read half the book after seeing the movie and the book is a tough read.

    1. I imagine the book must be even harder than the movie.. it’s usually hard to make all that switching back and forth work in a literary medium. Easier in a movie…

      1. I respect those kind of movies usually… But somehow sometimes they try to be too much “original” and kind of stray away from the plot… Or they just loose our attention.

        Speaking for me, If the movie doesn’t feed my curiosity within max 30mins, I know I won’t like it or won’t be able to watch it.

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