Kerouac’s Typewriter and the Guggenheim Museum NYC


Hey! How y’all doing? I am on top of the world these days. Literally. This is my first trip to the New York City, and I am ecstatic. I don’t have much time for blogging these days, but I will try my best posting the most unique things that struck my fancy and cannot wait until I return to the drudgery of Liberian living.
Here is the Thing #1. From the Guggenheim Museum – a clay version of  Jack Kerouac’s Typewriter. There are 2 reasons why this exibit attracted my attention.
1. I have a typewriter fetish. I was gifted a 40s Royal in a great condition a few years ago, and it would work if not one little detail that wore out with use. I took it once to a repair shop, and they told me that either I need to buy a broken typewriter with that one working detail or oder the detail to be custom made. That was where I left it off. The Royal is locked in a storage now. Poor sad thing, I feel bad, because such a beauty should be admired and used.
2. I love clay. I took it up two years ago, and pretty much disappeared for the world in my dusty office, filled with crafts junk. Someday I may make a clay typewriter like this one.
That’s it for now. The NYC curiosities will keep coming.


  1. Haha every word typed with this machine will literally trun into sand lol! Great post!

    I too would like to visit NYC one day! And I only live about 7 hours away from the city! I could literally drive there but never got the chance!

    You are cooler than I am! I hope you’re having a wonderful time. Keep the posts coming.

    Infinite peace and wisdom!

  2. That is an awesome sculpture! Kerouac is one of my favourite writers. I own a couple of typewriters – an IBM Selectric II that doesn’t work, and an Adler Gabrielle 25 that also doesn’t work (needs a new ribbon). A while back I took the Adler out to the Wellington waterfront and photographed it – the pic’s the header on my Facebook author page. It was a kind of weird thing to do and I attracted the attention of a passing journalist who, it turned out, had also owned one.

    1. Typewriters are magical. I actually want to get a working one, pre-electric, and write on it. I feel that it would make me think carefully about every word

      1. It does – I wrote my dissertation, my thesis, and a LOT of feature articles, etc, on my Adler. There’s something about working with pen-and-ink on a typed draft too, which you can’t replicate on a computer. I kind of miss it, though I don’t miss the re-typing…

        1. True, re-typing is not so fun. But the sensation of producing a paper page with text as you type the words is amazing. I think it appeals to our need to ‘publish’ and share our ideas. It’s a tangible result of writing.

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