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You are what you read. Would you agree? Well, here’s my haul from the Strand Bookstore, the “18 miles of books” place. Thus is a great book store, probably the best in New York. Can’t compete with the Paul’s Bookstore in Portland, OR, but still fantastic experience. So here is what I got:
1. Comedy writing secrets (Shatz, M. & Helitzer, M.)
2. Screenplay. Writing the Picture (Russin, R. & Downs, W.M.)
3. Guidelines for Producing Statistics on Violence Against Women (UN)
4. The Drawing Handbook (Lohan, F.)
5. The DC Comics Guide To Creating Comics ( Potts, C.)
6. Anatomy for Fantasy Artists (Fabry, G).
Plus, three graphic novels: one picked because it cost $1, one because I liked the artwork, and one for no particular reason).
Of all these books, only #3 was purchased specifically for my work that brings me income these days. The rest of it is for my future development as a writer and, potentially, as a graphic novelist.
Which of these books you would purchase as well?

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