My First Sketch With the iPad Pro

Yesterday I nearly developed an ulcer trying to choose between iPad Pro and the Microsoft Pro tablet. I was in so much pain over this decision that I had to come back to the store three times! Finally I chose the iPad, but at lunchtime I couldn’t even eat anything. What if I made a terrible mistake? I don’t need another gadget. I need a functional device for drawing and processing images. My concern was that iPad cannot run full Photoshop program. Although I don’t work with the Photoshop yet, that was in my plans. I liked the power behind the  Microsoft product. After all, it is a full computer with a touchscreen, while iPad is just a tablet. But I didn’t like the look and feel of the Microsoft product as much. The pen did not impress me either. So I picked the iPad, and this is what I drew from scratch. The first one started as a doodle to see what this product can do. I used the free app Adobe Sketch. If you know good apps and tips for drawing on iPad, I’d love to hear them. The second one is the impression of a photo I found in the magazine. I think I am getting used to it and growing to like it a lot.





  1. My sister, who does arts and crafts professionally, swears by the qualities of Apple’s hardware for artistic purposes, and your drawings bear out the point! I bought a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 about a year ago – totally because it was a portable full computer. Drawing never entered into the calculation – in fact, I haven’t ever used its drawing capability (the e-pen it comes with is…somewhere…). I don’t draw, and with good reason. There are amoeba on Saturn that have better drawing ability than I do, and no, I am not joking…

    1. Haha funny! I actually feel that this iPad brings my better drawing qualities, because you can’t erase it until the hole in the paper :). Unlimited possibilities!

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