My First Ever Comic Strip! ‘The First Contact’ From the Mazula Series

Making comics is more difficult than I thought. But not impossible. And loads of fun. I’ve spent two days on drawing one page, my first ever comics panel. Yay! Please let me know if it reads well and what do you think of the drawing style. A lot of comics (Marvel, DC) are drawn in a more precise style. I wonder if my armature style gets in the way. 

P.S. The first season of ‘Million Deaths of Lt. Mazula’ is published here

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How To Draw A Spaceship

Here’s my attempt at drawing a spaceship on my iPad Pro with the app “Procreate”. It allows to save a video of your progress which I find an amazing feature. For those of you who are pro in graphic design and illustration, this might be a no big deal thing, but I am new to this world of artistic technology. Merely two weeks ago I was still a devout paper-and-pencil artist. Now technology takes my by a storm. Wooohoo!

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More Drawings With the iPad! Ebony River. Concept Art.

I had a long fliht from New York, and the most enjoyable thing I could think of is developing a visual idea of what Ebony River might look like. I noticed some distinct differences between literary and visual character development. First of all, the charachter must have distinct qualities and be consistent and immediately recognizable on every image. When I wrote about Ebony, I described her having braided hair and purple eyes. On paper that sounded distinctive. However, when I started drawing, purple eyes turned to be difficult to depict and still be noticeable. I am thinking about purple braided hair now. Overall, it’s an exciting process. I am looking into developing comics based on the Ebony River’s diary. What do you think about the visualization of Ebony’s charachter and about the drawings? I should mention that the backgrounds are irrelevant, I concentrated on the look of the charachter. 

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