Happy Friday! Humor


Friday morning of an average alien, who is sick of politicians, traffic jams, borring breakfast cereal, wearing clothes (particularly when you find no clean socks and all the shirts are in the dry-cleaning), cat that pees on his bathroom towel, gaining weight, Jerry from the accounts, a compulsive ‘bff’ who won’t let him have his lunch in privacy, Netflix, tax forms, damn roommate and his music collection… Happy Friday everyone! Life is a beautiful thing!


        1. Life is good. I am editing my sci fi series – a long way to go, but that’s exciting, because there is a contest that I’d like to enter, the deadline is May 30. I’ve never submitted anything before, so that’s exciting. How about you?Have you written any more stories lately?

          1. I’m writing one now – i post about 1000 words weekly. I’m trying to scale back the blogging a little to give myself more time for writing. But it seems to go so quickly.

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