Great News! Author of “Snowfall on Mars” Branden Frankel is Giving an Interview


Hi everyone! I have exciting news! As I am working though my reading list for the 2016 Jalapeño Fiction Award (the award for the best sci fi novel in 2015), I come across ‘Snowfall on Mars’. As I mentioned before, I pick my candidates without any encouragement on the part of their authors, guided primarily by the love of reading fiction. So if I say, the book is good, it is good. Period. And “Snowfall on Mars” is one of those hidden gems that may be slipping through he cracks of the big-time publishing industry. But my hunch is, that Branden has places to go in life, and awards to win, and maybe even movies to be made based on his books. It is not entirely unlikely, as proven by the recent bombshell of a success of once a self-published author Andy Weir. Miracles happen, my friends, and it is my firm belief that there are enough of miracles for everyone. So grab the book, it’s only $5, you spend this much on your double mocha breves  in Starbucks all the time. Compared to those sugary drinks, this book actually may be good for you. And once you read the book, look for the interview from Branden on my blog sometime this week. It’s going to be a lot of fun! By the way, if you have any questions to Branden, write them to me in the comments below. Looking forward to reading them.

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