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Hi folks, this is a bit unusual post for me, because I don’t have a huge history of reading comics. Somehow I was always wordy, both in reading and writing. That being said, I could not resist the temptation of the premise and the artwork of the Black Science. Have you seen that old cheesy TV show Sliders? Well, I happen to be an old fan of it. I guess, it was my portal into the sci fi world. I was in the middle school or so when the reruns were on our TV and the wild horses would not drag me away from the screen, when the unfortunate four travelers leaped around the parallel universes. Maybe the reason that Black Science grabbed me is that it struck that old sentimental chord.

The story starts off with a genius Grant McCay and his fellow scientists traveling to the parallel universe, and much like in Sliders, the device is broken. There is a lot of suspense as to who damaged the device, and a lot of nasty personal details about the protagonist’s failed marriage, the fait of his children, so it is also a soap opera of sorts. The story is fast paced, with some unique takes on the well-established science speculations, and with a moody, doomed overtone that envelopes the characters.

Aside of an interesting story, Black Science is a work of art. It is so well made, that someday I want a boxed set of it, as a collectible item (at this  point I  am reading it on a Kindle).

Speaking of the digital version, I recommend to read it on the larger screens, my Kindle Fire does not do it justice. Now that I have a giant iPad Pro, this is the way to go about reading, as the artwork truly shines on this large screen.

Hope you find this brief review helpful. What is your favorite comics series?




  1. My son’s been advising me to look into this series. A few years ago on returning to comics I headed for DC/Marvel’s superheroes and am now selling of their volumes of clichéd, repetitious ”fuff n’ stuff’ for more intelligent fayre; on the basis of your review… going to have to add this to my list.
    (1) For work of art and a ‘Uh? What? (re-read) Oh now I get it! Wow)… I would suggest the Steampunk/Magic ‘Carbon Grey’ trilogy- true it does have some ladies who will not dress in a manner becoming to a battlefield, but once you get passed that there is all sorts of wonderful weirdness and as for the ending……..
    (2) Remember Farscape? All those bizarre aliens, crossing of cultures and a galaxy wide-war? The series ‘Saga’ has all of that, and also shares the subversive humour, with enough sober interludes to stop it seeming callous. (and ..ahem… ‘Adult Content’…) Volume 6 is coming out soon.
    (3) ‘Alex and Ada’ is a low key poignant SF trilogy on the AI theme. Alex in post-breakup is not getting out much. HIs grandmother (yep!) Buys him an AI girlfriend-Ada during a time when there is a growing fear of AIs after an ‘incident’- This is a love story and very well done too.
    Finally (could go on all night)
    (4) ‘Lazarus’- Dystopian future. All governments collapse and Families rule. Each family has a Lazarus a genetically engineered (artificial-?-ah, now there’s the ‘thing’) person who can kill a lot and when they get killed (hopefully) come back to life. The story revolves one Lazarus’ journey to discover who she is, The Families’ Machiavellian ‘wars’ and ‘diplomacies’ and in-fighting in the best traditions of Dallas & Dynasty. Stunning art work and although a great deal of violence, there is also an often under-stated but intelligent and thoughtful narrative.
    Whooops, I’ve gone on far too long.
    Sorry about that….Hope there’s something of interest here.

  2. P.S. you also said a magic word Dallas haha. It’s a sweet memory of my whole family watching this soap in reruns at dinner time. Again I was in mid-school, that’s why the memories are so vivid. Larry hagman, Patrick Daffy, and treacherous Cliff Barnes whose vasectomy had pardon leaky pipes haha. Things I remember about my childhood :)))

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