Fur Disclosure #weekendcoffeeshare on Monday


It’s been almost 6 months since I last saw my fur-child, a black Newfoundland named Boone. Since I moved to Liberia for work-related reasons, I had to leave this  fella with my parents because of the numerous health concerns. One of the predominant reasons was heat. My pup  is content napping on the snow, in the temperature when my whole face freezes. Until I arrived to Monrovia, I was still hoping to ship him with the professional pet moving company, but the minute I stepped out of the Robertsport Airport in Monrovia, I knew…

With this post I want to mark a sad anniversary for me – 6 months of missing my best canine friend. Thankfully, he is well and happy at my grandma’s farm, with a bunch of cats to play with, and a new litter of kittens too!   Check out a few pictures of this gorgeous fella.

Boone and heavily  pregnant momma cat: two best friends
Testing his psychic powers on my salmon sandwich
Just showing off
Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 11.05.37 PM.png
Boone: That’s disturbing…
Now  I have to meditate on sucking a stuffed animal…

This is all for now from my gorgeous pup. I will see him soon enough, and hopefully will relocate to a better climate, that can accommodate a Canadian snow dog :).


        1. Yep. King of a cat tribe 🙂 haha. Grandma has 4 adult cats, but three are kind of feral, not very friendly. But this one was raised by grandma’s previous dog who passed away, since she was a tiny kitten. It was so funny when this cat was small, the dog would carry her around, gently taking the entire head in his mouth. That was some trust! I wish I had a camera then… But that dog was gone, and when my dog showed up, I think she remembered that kind of friendship.

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