Nebula Winner is Not Sci Fi. Still, Congratulations to ‘Uprooted’


Nebula awards were announced. The winning novel is a fantasy ‘Uprooted’ by Naomi Novik. Help me recognize science fiction  novels published in 2015. This is an open call for guest posts!
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          1. I just imagined Ellen as the main character and almost sprayed my tea everywhere! But no, I’m sure she’ll just be the producer. 🙂

        1. They don’t need to be soloing, really. I do overkill, partly because I am learning my formula for them as well. The only thing that is unique about them is the score, that consists of 5 scales. And you need to provide a few arguments about why you think this is the score. Also, it is a bit tough to see, but the two books that I already reviewed, are really strong, so the scores are high. I have already read a few where the scores won’t be quite so high. And yes, I would love you to do a review of Echo! I’ve seen it in my reader and wondered about it myself. So great! I love to welcome indie authors!

          1. I’ll look into the technical details how tolling your and my blogs for this thing, but take your time, no hurry. And once you have your scores, I will send you the jalapeños scores (those pictures with peppers) so you can use them. Great! I’m super excited to welcome you to the team!

        2. And by the way, your review was great too! I often post something and take multiple editing revisions, English is not my first language, so writing at a high level is a bit of a challenge. So, that’s my handicap.

          1. Thank you. Your writing is amazing! I would never know it is not your first language. Impressive.

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