Season 11 of The X-Files to Come, Says Fox


So, there will be more Spooky and Scully in 2017-18, says Fox. What do you think? I ranted about how piss poor was the Season 10, I don’t know if I can take more of this crap shoot. On a second thought, maybe I can. Some of the comedy routines were pretty funny.



Funny as this episode was, the rest of it  was fairly bland. Oh, we shall see…


    1. They seem to be under impression they succeeded haha. I don’t know how they get feedback. Of course there is hype around the show and both DD and GA run the charade of their ‘relationship’, everyone knows it’s just PR… Looks like DD is needing money because evidently he has a rock band and everything on his concerts is monetized…. Anyway. Weird. We shall see!

    1. Omg!!! I love fringe! One of the best shows ever! The only bad thing about it that I have seen it already 🙂 Like 1.5 times 🙂 but Walter Bishop, wow what a character! And acting!!!

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