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My dear followers!

Over the past five months I have been sharing my thoughts and insights with you. I have met over 150 people who wished to follow me on the quest of diving into the world of sci fi. All of you are amazingly talented in your own way. We all create interesting content and have a lot to offer. Over these five months, I offered you many  different ways of interaction:

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Also, I am humble to say that all of this time I am on a learning curve as to what it means to be a blogger and a writer.

This is what my five months look like in terms of data. Over this time I did not use any tactics to gauge your subscriptions, to gain followers, or to boost traffic other than just writing. I wrote nearly 200 entries, according to my stats. I don’t know how much is it compared to other bloggers, but I know that each post takes ton of time in writing, editing and making it pretty with pictures, videos and hyperlinks.

Whenever appropriate, I gave credit to all of you for the amazing work you  do, where it is writing a novel, a short story, being a host to an event, or contributing anything else.

You have been generous to  me as well. You have nominated me for several awards, which always melted my heart and plastered a huge smile across my face.

As I am approaching a half-year blogging birthday, I decided that it is time to do more grown-up things, and for a blogger it means Facebook and Twitter. As for the Twitter, I am looking into it and soon will have an account as well. But today I finally made myself to go through all the registration hoops, and now I proudly present my Facebook residence.

  • @EllieMaloneyFiction is my author page, where I will share someday some of my writing, as I used to do on this blog. I  would like to become friends with you there as well. This is how you help me. 
  • Jalapeno Book Club is a public Facebook group where I host various reading events. I’ve talked to some of you already about including your books in the roster for the upcoming book club events. I don’t ask for free books, for advertisement fees or anything else, really. My goal is to bring to light your hard work and help it to find a reader. I invest a lot of time in writing reviews, posts, interviewing  authors, and this group will feature all of these efforts.  This is how I help you.

So please feel free to stop by my Facebook residence and invite as many friends to the Jalapeño Book Club, because someday it will benefit you. 

Thank you all for being great people,

Here’s to many more months and years together,


Ellie Maloney


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