Today All Hell Broke Loose. My Twitter Account And Vision For Invading Science Fiction Universe

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What a day. Earlier I started my official Facebook page and a public Facebook group – the Jalapeño Book Club . Like if that wasn’t social media overload, I just registered my  Twitter account @EllieMaloneyFic, where ‘Fic’ stands for fiction, but that was more than the allowed character limit. Twitter, right? How am I going to survive there? So far that rapid-fire communication world seems alien, and I make up aliens (almost) for living!

brain-plug-in.jpgWell, it’s official, folks. I am plugged in all the way. This is actually great news for indie authors and sci fi readers, because the more exposure I get, the better you will be able to access each other. I have started several initiatives aimed at building the reading community.

First one is the Jalapeño Book Club. And what a cool opportunity I’ve got to kick-start the book club! Reading through the five Hugo Award nominations in the remaining 13 weeks? Try to predict the winner? Follow the #HugoChallenge hashtag on Facebook, Twitter and WordPress, and join the reading events in the Jalapeño Book Club! Today is the third day for the sci fi  novel “Seveneves”, a highly rated 2015 release. Check it out and share your thoughts in the book club as you read through it. I will try blogging my impressions as often as I can while reading it. I am aiming for every day, but you know, shit happens. I have drafts to finish, and work to do, and family to take care of.

As we go through the #HugoChallenge over the next three months, I will add different subsets and reading events for the group. I already  know that we will have the the Stargate Fanfic reading events! More so, I already  found a great admin for this subset. Melanie Spicer is the founder of the Stargate Fan Club International  Facebook group and the Lost Worlds Sci Fi and Fantasy Forum, and a fantastic person in addition to all of that. Melanie and I share love of pets and sci fi.  In the future I envision all kinds of fanfic reading events hosted in the group, where readers can interact with the writers.

Another interesting feature is the Jalapeño Fiction Award, the award for the best sci fi novel in preceding year. This year we are honoring the 2015 releases. Read about the Jalapeño Fiction Award and Award Nominees. Also follow the #JalapenoFictionAward hashtag.

Finally, you will be able to read the interviews of the authors, several of which are already published on this page.

Back to the Twitter account. With registering on twitter I feel like conquering the holy triumvirate of social media, alongside with the Facebook and WordPress. That’s like the Warp 3, in the Star Trek terms. Not bad for five months of blogging.

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