“Million Deaths of Lt. Mazula” Soundtrack


Earlier I wrote that I was going to edit and submit Season 1 of Lt. Mazula to a publisher. Well, tonight is the night! The draft was thoroughly edited and submitted. Can’t wait to start writing the Season 2! Below is the recommended soundtrack ‘album’ that I put together to illustrate the story. Enjoy!

  1. The Decembrists “Rox in The Box”
  2. The Decembrists “This Is Why We Fight”
  3. The Mountain Goats “Michael Meyers Resplendent”
  4. Peter Gabriel “Red Rain”
  5. Funkadelic “Maggot Brain”
  6. They Might Be Giants “Istanbul not Constantinople”
  7. Apocalyptica “Path”
  8. Lou Reed “Perfect Day”

The last song is called “Perfect Day”. Of course there is nothing perfect at the end of the season 1. In fact things are really, really bad. It’s almost as if Mazula is delirious and wishes all was so mundane and perfect. Instead, in every of 12 episodes things just got worse and worse, and oh my god, at the end, it all falls apart! Can’t tell you more than that for now! Just enjoy the music and create your own story in your brain.

P.s. You know that I don’t own the rights to the songs, right? You need to buy your own copies. Cheers!


    1. Are you on Facebook sir? Would love to see you in our book club. We J just wrapped up a party. I posted music for the whole evening. Growing the membership for the reading event.

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