Indie Audio Book for the Youtube Channel?

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NEWS: I have new blog artwork and several new social media accounts! Namely, I recently signed up for an Instagram and Youtube. Instagram already has some photos and will have many-many more, because I just had two professional photo sessions and you will be able to see a lot more of me from now on.  Previously I haven’t posted my images, but now it’s going to change a bit, however for the most part I will be posting them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This blog I will reserve for writing and my personal updates. I will continue working on the Jalapeño Fiction Award reviews thought this year as much as possible, and you can join Caitlin and me and contribute a book review.

As for the Youtube channel, it is empty for now, but soon it is going to change. For those of you who remember Season 1 of the ‘Million Deaths of Lt. Mazula’, the  alien sci fi novella, I have news. My husband agreed to narrate the story! This home-made audio book will show up on my new Youtube channel. I am planning to post it chapter by chapter, but haven’t figured out the artwork or video footage I’ll use.

What do you think of the idea? I’d like hear your comments! Thanks!



  1. Very cool idea! Multimedia is absolutely the way to go in this day and age – the printed word (“screen-display word…?”) is only part of the picture. And all of it adds dimensions to the way imagination is expressed.

    1. So yeah, I’m excited, my husband actually did a voiceover for a book once and loved it. I’m asking him because I sound really comically on record. Maybe in life too, go figure 😁😁.

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