Early Preview of My Book Cover. “Katu Justice” Soon on #Kindle, #Youtube, #AudioBook #scifi

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Copyright 2016 Ellie Maloney

Hi  everyone! I’m so excited that my fooling around with the Lt. Mazula’s story turns into a  reality. What do you think of this early version of the book cover? And of the title? I was considering also ‘329 Years Awake’. Which one do you like better? Please please please comment! I’d really like to hear your thoughts. Would you notice this book? What do you think it’s about, based the cover alone? Anyway, I need your comments like never before. Thanks!


  1. I love the cover! It’s very arty, it looks like some kind of old painting, just with an alien thrown in haha! I actually quite like ‘329 Years Awake’. Personally that title calls to me a little more because why on earth has this person (or alien, who knows?) been awake for so long?! Makes me want to find out exactly what it means. Good luck with the book!

    1. Great take, Caitlin! Thanks! And I am so so so sorry that I haven’t gotten back to you, I am pushing through all this book logistics now, because in a week I start a new work contract and I need to make some progress. But I am sure we will do great things together soon! Promise! BTW, if you’d like to self-publish a magazine with me and you have a short story to contribute, think about it. I’m learning all the ropes of this biz now, and will be experienced for the second issue of Scaffolding. (check my latest post for that).

      1. Haha that’s fine don’t worry about it! I’ve been pretty busy too, and ill, so haven’t had any time for blogging. Good luck with your new work! And that’s a great opportunity thanks! I don’t write short stories as much anymore but if I suddenly have a good idea, I’ll let you know for your magazine! Good luck with that too 😊

  2. Cool cover.
    ‘329 years awake’, I like that concept; it fits in with The Extraordinary which is the basis of all SF; gets the imagination working.
    All the best with your venture.

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