#Photography and #Fiction #Magazine ‘Scaffolding’. 1st Issue Is Soon In Print

Screen Shot 2016-07-23 at 10.33.07 PM.png
Copyright 2016 Ellie Maloney

Is this a photography book?  Is this a short fiction book? It’s both. It’s one of those pretty coffee table books that you see in the waiting rooms of beauty salons or coffee shops. The photographer who I worked with did such a spectacular job, that I decided to put up a magazine (probably a bi-annual), where I will combine original photography and short fiction. Would you like to team up? Let me know if  you’d like to coauthor the next issue!

The first issue of Scaffolding will be available on Kindle, as a paperback and a Hardcover, and will be the A4 format, so the photography will shine through.


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