I’ve been closely following the Nebula Creatives fundraising campaign for the past few weeks, and I am nothing short of impressed about the way this team works. They are professional, dedicated, and always in good spirits. I know how challenging it is to start a business because this year I myself established a publishing company […]

“There is another world just above our heads. A world both comfortingly familiar and completely alien. Look in just the right direction at just the right time, and you may catch a glimpse of this parallel universe”. – From ‘Lab 99′ Comic Book I have to admit, I have an interesting life. Social media became […]

  Hi there! I finished the sequel to TSUNAMI. If you are a subscriber, you should receive the email. If you want to get it, please subscribe to the ARC here – a subscription box at the top. Jeroen’s Diary is a historic fiction that advances the plot of TSUNAMI, but it is somewhat different. […]