329 Years Awake: Update

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It is such an exciting time for me, friends! Although I haven’t blogged in some time, the work is buzzing on my end.

First, my debut novel ‘329 Years Awake’ is getting awesome reviews. I could not be more happy about it. Unfortunately in our culture reviews make it or beak it for the authors, so every review is a treasure trove, that’s how I see it, and that’s how much I appreciate them!

Today I received a fantastic review from an acclaimed author Arthur M. Doweyko, who is also a scientist and a holder of patents for cancer medicine! Here’s what author has to say:

Ellie Maloney has succeeded in producing a monumental work of science fiction. The story spans centuries, many worlds, several galaxies, and a cast of incredible characters from human to alien. The world building is unsurpassed, with details of several future and past Japanese and African cultures, the intricacies of a very different alien life, and the often engaging and bewildering misunderstandings of a first contact immersing the reader in a believable and possible reality.

Ellie manages to use a variety of real events and artifacts to draw the reader in. She deftly uses a real mystery (details left out here to avoid giving away some surprises) and some edgy concepts taken from subatomic physics to weave an exciting adventure which points to mankind’s origin, future and future potential.

Some minor inconsistencies in the science and a penchant for backstory narration are easily ignored for the pleasure of this sweeping saga. Very enjoyable read.

That review just made my day! And I am thankful for the note of criticism as well, I am sure there are things in the book that could be better. That is why it’s my first novel. I’m hoping to get better with the next novel, and even will consider these comments in revising this novel.
Also I am working on a sequel to ‘329 Years Awake’. This likely is going to be the cover. What do you think of it, and of the title, ‘329 Years of War’?
The release is hopefully by the end of 2018.
Finally, you might have heard, that I am working on a short film based on ‘329 Years Awake’. The film is now listed on IMDb as ‘329 Years Awake: The Descendants‘, you can go to the page and check out some behind-the-scenes shots and who’s in it. Here’s the summary of the short:
Fah is a Thai journalist researching UFO activity in the 17th century Japan. She discovers that aliens were performing experiments on Tokugawa’s samurai to make them into super-soldiers. Veronica Starr is a business assistant of a Japanese pharmaceutical giant who is interested in Fah’s research. She believes that those particular samurai had the ability to cure themselves through the power of their mind. Fah’s research leads her to two samurai descendants: Daichi and Nyoko. The Unkari alien murders Fah for getting too close to the truth. After the shock of Fah’s death sinks in, Daichi and Nyoko finally believe that they have the ancient samurai powers. With those powers, they decide to bring Fah back to life.
If you’ve read the book, you know that this short film is based on chapter 6: “Fade to Black”.
In another news, I’ve been doing radio tours lately. This coming Saturday, 11 pm EST live you can hear my interview on Paranormal Now Radio, followed by a panel discussion of “Star Wars The Last Jedi”. I previously posted a spoiler-free youtube review of The Last Jedi, but if you’d like to hear me discuss it with a diverse and opinionated group, check out the Paranormal Now Radio podcast.


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