Black Panther Premiere – Quick Review!

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I just returned from the premiere of the Black Panther! Each showing today was sold out and the lines for the tickets were at least 100-150 people! I barely made in on the last showing, snatching 2 out of 6 remaining tickets.


Despite that the theater was filled with loud pigs and the surround sound or whatever passes for it was not surrounding me at all, and despite the fact that for 3D my seats were not great, too far, so I saw all these people behaving like animals, despite all of that, I cannot believe how much I enjoyed it! Unfortunately I still have to do some work now, otherwise, I’d be live streaming on my youtube channel. But I will post a review tomorrow, so check in, and subscribe to my channel today so that tomorrow you can get a notification. I seriously have so much to say about the film! I will make a non-spoiler part and then will proceed with the spoilers.

For now let me just say, it deserves all the praise it gets so far. I hate to think that the Oscars might not give it the light of day. Although, why would I be even surprised… We shall see.

Anyhow! See you tomorrow, let’s chat about it!

FYI YouTubers, Podcasters, radio hosts! If you need a sci-fi expert on your show to discuss Black Panther, please contact me via the contact tab on my website. I am looking forward to spreading the word about it!

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