Missed Me? Life Update

UntitledSometimes you need to step away from your creation in order to feel a better connection with it. Sometimes you need to step away from people and move away from places.

I took a break from writing and social media, that’s why I was not posting for a while. I’m not sure humans are meant to live in this amount of social media exposure, and I used to be more exposed than many, because of the need to promote my projects. Being constantly present on social media takes away from real life in a substantial way, but it is also a gift, as it allows to express yourself instantaneously and without intermediaries. And even this benefit sometimes hurts people. You need to think what you want to say, and you need to plan your social media presence, which takes away from the actual life of living. Social media shifts you to a mirror universe, where you live as your own reflection.

This is the big reason why I took a break from exposure. I wanted to go complete ‘radio silence’, to be lost for a while, to regroup and re-emerge stronger, more prepared for everything. This is my usual life cycle of changing skin, like a snake. I’ve done it numerous times in life. Unfortunately, in the process, you are never sure where exactly you will surface, what kind of person you will be after this transformation. Ideas and interests change, surrounding that influences you changes. While I was taking this break, I picked up powerlifting, a rather unexpected kind of fitness. Gym and powerlifting were good to me, they gave me a lot of confidence. I now have a surprising amount of muscle, and it amuses me, just as my ability to move some heavy weight. It’s liberating, and it untangles my brain.

I think of all this process as being a shuttle sent to space, spending some time in space, and now returning back to Earth, only slightly getting off course at the re-entry. I find myself on new terrain.

So for all of you out there, stand by, my GPS is set, I’m coming back to the “writing” destination.



  1. Welcome back – I’m also hoping for a return to a similar destination (my writing career is asleep in the back right now but I got it into the car at least…)

  2. It’s good to see you back again, I’m often seeing your powerlifting exploits and I’m amazed at your strength. I hope to see some creativity from you becasue you’re damn talented 🙂

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