This fast new world scares you. It corners you. It diminishes you. You find yourself increasingly in a bigger crowd, but your voice is drowned. Globalization. It scares me as well. But I think that rather than building walls, shutting windows, and turning off the lights, perhaps we as species should evolve. What we will […]


Happy #BlogBattle anniversary! Here is my pick among the previously submitted pieces. The prompt word was forest, genre crime/mystery. CHAPTER 1 I will never forget the day I stepped in her back yard. Tall, red haired, in her mid 30s, Nicole was destined to become my first ‘case’. Her handshake was soft. Slender hands and […]

  Hey! Happy Tuesday, the Blogbattlers! Here’s my submission to this week, prompt word: hair, genre: sci fi Click here for all Episodes Episode 9 I couldn’t see. I was a hostage of the alien species. I was taken to receive my death sentence. Two guards held me by the arms on both sides, and […]

  Hey! It’s Tuesday again! Recently Tuesdays became a whole lot more fun, because it is the day to post a new submission to the #Blogbattle contest! I decided to enter with the Episode 7 of my ongoing space series. Here it is! #BlogBattle#49, Genre: Sci Fi. Prompt word: “Lollypops”  Click here for all Episodes […]

Click here for all Episodes Episode 4 Four days passed since River and I were captured by the Unkari.  Apparently, our captors wanted to know why humans invaded Unkari space. Whenever they didn’t like the answer, they killed us in countless horrible deaths, only to bring us back to life for some more questioning. “Video […]

“What’s for dinner?“ “Indian.” “Again?” Gita raised her eyes from under her eyebrows telegraphing ‘You shouldn’t be saying such a thing’ message. I pretended I cared. Nothing wrong with wanting an occasional burger, or a pork roast. Instead, every single night Gita made something stewed, seared, mashed, and mixed; something reeking of curry and god […]