Interviews with Writers

Jennifer F. Wells, author of Fluency and Remanence 

  • As a child growing up in rural Illinois, Jennifer Foehner Wells had the wild outdoors, a budding imagination, and books for company. Her interest in science fiction was piqued early on when a family friend loaned her a Ray Bradbury compilation, among loads of other wonderful sci fi books. Jen currently lives an alternately chaotic and fairly bucolic existence in Indiana with two boisterous little boys and two semi-crazed cats. You can find her on Twitter, extolling science and sci fi fandoms, as @Jenthulhu. To find out more about Jen, visit:

Branden Frankel, author of Snowfall on Mars

  • Branden Frankel is one of those who wanders and is, at least sometimes, lost. From philosophy, to music production, the practice of law, teaching, and raising a kid, he has dipped a figurative toe into many a metaphorical body of water. At 34, after divorce and a career change, Branden began writing fiction, finding his second passion — fatherhood being the first. He lives in Los Angeles, CA with his daughter, Lilah, and Steve, their shockingly aggressive betta fish. –



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