Jalapeño Fiction Award Rules

Jalapeño Fiction 2016 Award Rules

Who Gets Nominated?

Now that we somewhat clarified what constitutes Sci Fi as a genre, we can define the parameters for the Jalapeño Fiction 2016 award.

  • Two categories: Books and Film (TV series and short stories/novellas excluded).
  • Must be published/aired in 2015.
  • Indie or pro, self-published or through the publisher.
  • Must belong to the Soft, Hard Sci Fi and AI Fiction genres.

How the Jalapeño Fiction 2016 Will be Awarded?

Throughout 2016, I will publish reviews of books and movies and give them my rating (1-10 Jalapeños on five scales, 1 being – it sucks and probably will not get the 2016 award, and 10 – it rocks and it’s a great candidate for the 2016 award. Maximum  Jalapeño Score is 50 jalapeños).

This is how the 7-jalapeno rating looks like

The finalists will be chosen in December 2016, as a result of a year-long review process on this web site.

First, the books and movies with the score above 35 jalapeños will be long-listed.The long-listed candidates will be voted on by the readers, thus identifying the winner.

Can the Blog Readers Participate?

The blog readers can participate through:

  1. comments to the reviews,
  2. suggesting books and movies for the review,
  3. contributing a whole review of a book or a movie that fits the criteria and collaboratively awarding the score, (comment  on this page or send me an email: EllieMaloneyFiction@gmail.com )
  4. voting on the poll (sometime in December 2016) and choosing among the top 10 or so contestants in their respective categories.

The Award Ceremony

Yes, there will be one. I will do everything possible that the award reaches the winner. I am tenacious that way.





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