My Novels and Short Stories

That day, when I became an amateur cupcake artist.

On this page I post updated list of my short stories and other creative writing.

1. A Blogger Who Removed Everything. A short story, under 3000 words. First published at EllieMaloney.Wordpress. on Jan. 12, 2016

2. Erotic Love Letter to Science. Well, it’s a love letter to science, with an attempt at satire. Under 600 words. First published at EllieMaloney.Wordpress.Com on Jan. 16, 2016

3. Million Deaths of Lt. Mazula. Sci Fi Mini-series. Aliens, battles and quantum physics. First episode published at EllieMaloney.Wordpress.Com on Jan. 16, 2016

…Unkari were close. I could taste Sodium and Iodine in the air, a sure sign that those stinky sons of bitches are around the corner. Erinozhan was a dumpy little planet not worth of loosing your life for, but we had our orders. It’s been 8 days since the Royal Moroccan Fleet was quashed like Serzarian cockroach, and if you ever stepped on one, you know what I mean. First seven days or so I thought I was the only survivor. The transmitter didn’t work, and I had no clue how to fix those seventh generation subspace modules. See, by the time I graduated from the Academy, my high school quantum entanglement communication basics were hopelessly obsolete. I’m a soldier, goddamnit… 

…Unkari took us prisoners after River fired one shot before the dampening field kicked in…

We ran around the corner and sprinted along the empty corridor, when, all of a sudden ended in the same cave, in exactly the same position before I threw a rock at the guard. There was no transition, no physical sensations, no time dilation, nothing. One fracture of a second we were running, and another we were back to the cell… 

4. Indian. A short story, drama. Written for the #BlogBattle contest. A life sketch of an American expat in India. Under 600  words. Originally published at EllieMaloney.Wordpress.Com on Jan. 23, 2016

5. Suburban Evil. This is a vigilante story set somewhere in North Carolina. The main character is not your typical women’s rights activist. After his mother’s homicide at the hands of his drunken father, Arthur Coppola decides to take justice in his own hands and to put his law degree to practical use, by avenging the victims of domestic violence. The first chapter is originally written for the #BlogBattle contest. New chapters will be added on a regular bi-weekly basis.