To stargazers and techies, To book grazers and skimmers,    To starship and AI dreamers,  To E.T. chasers and time travelers, To warp engineers and string theorists, To black hole and Higgs Bozon scholars,  To dark matter and dark energy ponderers, And to all of us, awe struck with the science and poetry of the universe, […]

He finished his last album. “Blackstar” was finished on  Friday, his birthday, and on Sunday he took off. Even in his death, Bowie is unmatched. A man of million faces and ideas, a man who constantly reinvented himself, is gone, and the loss is debilitating. Well, I’m not on board with this whole dieing business. […]

I researched movie awards in Sci Fi genre and uncovered a significant void. Outside of the Saturn award, there is not much. Plus, the way I see it, Saturn does not have a clear criteria, which movies really belong to the genre. In it’s respective year, Avatar won the crown, and so did the Interstellar. […]