Day 1. May 23, 2016. Monday. I threw a party. Cake, pot brownies and a pitcher of frozen margarita is ready to go, but nobody showed up yet. Formally, I mean. I have some friends that will be  joining, so it is a very  small cozy party so far. I will be reading Seveneves […]

Who influences our thinking? Donald Trump? Caitlyn Jenner? J.K. Rowling? Jesus? No, No and No. According to The Telegraph (2015), these 10 spectacular personalities. Apparently, the criteria for the selection was “based on social media followers, number of books published, media appearances, catch phrase creation, amount of viral memes and fan base nicknames”. If you, like myself, […]

To stargazers and techies, To book grazers and skimmers,    To starship and AI dreamers,  To E.T. chasers and time travelers, To warp engineers and string theorists, To black hole and Higgs Bozon scholars,  To dark matter and dark energy ponderers, And to all of us, awe struck with the science and poetry of the universe, […]