I’ve been invited to the Pop Roxx Radio and I had a great chat with an artist and the show host Jamie Roxx. Take a listen!

What’s new? My Newsletter Magazine is available on MagCloud for purchase, in print and in digital form. Plus, a real treat: a small snippet of the audio recording from the ‘329 Years Awake’ voiced by Jonathan Zeiger! This audio book will be voiced by multiple voice authors and here’s how Jonathan sounds. Isn’t he just […]

The Mars Run had a lasting impression on me. It is an imaginative and incredibly well written debut novel. When I finished the novel, I decided to find out more about the writer. Chris, thank you for finding time for an interview. So, let’s get right to it! E.M.: First of all, Chris, tell us […]

Space.com published a great list of books about space, from classics to modern, from science to fiction. I marked for immediate exploration Michio Kaku ‘Hyperspace’ (1994). The only concern I have is that it’s so dated. Another ia a seminal Mars colonization classics: Robert Zubrin’s ‘A Case For Mars’ (1996), also a bit older, but […]