Folks! This is my test post. I upgraded my site and working on the layout now. It is a nightmare! Meanwhile, my book is out! It’s available on Amazon now. So exciting! It started on this blog. Almost two years later, it is published! I also had an opportunity to launch it at the Shortcut […]

Jalapeno Score: 47/50 Overall Impression: Hello! Let me just quickly introduce myself: I’m Caitlin from Words and Other Beasts, writing a guest review here on Ellie’s blog for Golden Son, as part of the Jalapeno Fiction Award. So big thanks to Ellie for letting me review this here as part of her awards! If you enjoyed Red Rising, […] published a great list of books about space, from classics to modern, from science to fiction. I marked for immediate exploration Michio Kaku ‘Hyperspace’ (1994). The only concern I have is that it’s so dated. Another ia a seminal Mars colonization classics: Robert Zubrin’s ‘A Case For Mars’ (1996), also a bit older, but […]