Go to the table of content CHAPTER 2 I arrived in DC late at night and stopped long before Capitol Hill where I eventually headed, picking the first Motel 6 I came across.  I was exhausted and afraid of getting into an accident, so I just exited the freeway as soon as I had a […]

Happy #BlogBattle anniversary! Here is my pick among the previously submitted pieces. The prompt word was forest, genre crime/mystery. CHAPTER 1 I will never forget the day I stepped in her back yard. Tall, red haired, in her mid 30s, Nicole was destined to become my first ‘case’. Her handshake was soft. Slender hands and […]

“What’s for dinner?“ “Indian.” “Again?” Gita raised her eyes from under her eyebrows telegraphing ‘You shouldn’t be saying such a thing’ message. I pretended I cared. Nothing wrong with wanting an occasional burger, or a pork roast. Instead, every single night Gita made something stewed, seared, mashed, and mixed; something reeking of curry and god […]