My most personal video by far. I thought long and hard if I even should post it. But I finally decided to pull the plug, as an accountability tool. Feel free to hold me accountable. In this video, I talk about the reasons why I decided to quit alcohol, and what my drinking was like. […]

It is such an exciting time for me, friends! Although I haven’t blogged in some time, the work is buzzing on my end. First, my debut novel ‘329 Years Awake’ is getting awesome reviews. I could not be more happy about it. Unfortunately in our culture reviews make it or beak it for the authors, […]

    Talk about a perfect soundtrack for the season finale… What a song, gut wrenching, deeply melancholic, and ominous. You just know, that something is bound to happen… “Two hours later I was crying, kneeling on a beach of plastic sand facing methane ocean with thick slow-motion waves, as if made of honey. I […]