Trains of my soul took off a long time ago. These days I think about trains a lot. Being on a train is an amazing experience. You get to live through a chunk of your life that is out of your control. If you are on a long train ride, and especially on an old […]


โ€œWhatโ€™s for dinner?โ€œ โ€œIndian.โ€ โ€œAgain?โ€ Gita raised her eyes from under her eyebrows telegraphing โ€˜You shouldnโ€™t be saying such a thingโ€™ message. I pretended I cared. Nothing wrong with wanting an occasional burger, or a pork roast. Instead, every single night Gita made something stewed, seared, mashed, and mixed; something reeking of curry and god […]