Many things in June caused me to neglect the blog. First, I went home to see my family. At first it was supposed to be a two-week trip. However, I decided to go through a routine health exam, and things got worse from there. I had to undergo a procedure that starts with […]

What a day. Earlier I started my official Facebook page and a public Facebook group – the Jalapeño Book Club . Like if that wasn’t social media overload, I just registered my  Twitter account @EllieMaloneyFic, where ‘Fic’ stands for fiction, but that was more than the allowed character limit. Twitter, right? How am I going to survive […]

Jalapeno Score: 39/50 Overall Impression:  Reading Planetfall instilled controversial feelings in me. I am going to write this review with some spoilers, because I don’t think I can otherwise express myself properly.  If you read other reviews, there are some people who did not like the controversial aspects of the story, and you can decide […]