#Free #BookAds in the Magazine! Apply Now @ScaffoldingMag web-site! As you know, in December the first issue of the Scaffolding Magazine will see the world. The file of the magazine is almost assembled. I have a few small vacant areas, just big enough for a picture of a book cover and it’s 50-word description. So […]

  I found this curious video with some thoughts on the writing process. I personally don’t believe in the ‘how to’ writing tips simply because all of us are too different to develop a cookie-cutter type of a process. However, the idea of releasing an inner child and accessing the story through a play seems […]

  Three authors are proposed for the upcoming Book Club gathering for September. Meanwhile, check out these three books  on Amazon and the authors’ pages: Opher Goodwin Aidan Reid  Matthew Wright P.S. Dear authors, please contact me at EllieMaloneyFiction@gmail.com