[Go to all entries] 2585: ENTRY5 Yesterday was a good day in the Academy. Our trek team won several awards in the EP Midyear Conference, and I got the diamond pin in the 800m race. The pin is beautiful, and would be a great addition to my collection of 4 diamond and 3 sapphire pins […]

If you were even remotely following “Million Deaths of Lt. Mazula” mini-series, you need to read episodes 9 and 10, and particularly Episode 10. Everything about Unkari aliens, all the secrets are in this last episode. Read it, and then comment your heart and soul out! I want to know  what you think! All episodes […]

Tuesday again! #BlogBattle again! My submission to the week 51, prompt word: trace, genre: science fiction. Energize! [Go to all entries] 2585: ENTRY4 Swimming with sharks is probably one of the scariest and fondest memories of my life. The disguise worked, and I could track the school of 18 sharks following me from afar, but […]