Tonight I bought a sci fi movie without reading about it (went by the feel of the cover), and boy did it surprised me. Written and directed by Eric Dapkewicz, this low-budget debut pushed every boundary I could think of. In the year 2040, a disaster destroyed all the water supply on Earth causing global wars […]


  Hey! It’s Tuesday again! Recently Tuesdays became a whole lot more fun, because it is the day to post a new submission to the #Blogbattle contest! I decided to enter with the Episode 7 of my ongoing space series. Here it is! #BlogBattle#49, Genre: Sci Fi. Prompt word: “Lollypops”  Click here for all Episodes […]

Hi everyone! I am entering the #BlogBattle writing contest with the Episode 4 of my Sci Fi mini-series “Million Deaths of Lt. Mazula“! It’s my third submission to the contest, and I am growing to like it a lot.  Every week the contest host Rachael Ritchey offers a prompt word to build your story around. This week […]

Click here for all Episodes Episode 4 Four days passed since River and I were captured by the Unkari.  Apparently, our captors wanted to know why humans invaded Unkari space. Whenever they didn’t like the answer, they killed us in countless horrible deaths, only to bring us back to life for some more questioning. “Video […]

In light of the Oscar whiteness controversy, I looked into black actors in Sci Fi. Here is an excerpt of an interesting blog post on the subject: “It’s troubling that most imagined Utopias in Hollywood are so racially homogeneous. Hollywood’s perfect future is a world without war, hunger, or non-white people. So here is my […]