What a day. Earlier I started my official Facebook page and a public Facebook group – the Jalapeño Book Club . Like if that wasn’t social media overload, I just registered my  Twitter account @EllieMaloneyFic, where ‘Fic’ stands for fiction, but that was more than the allowed character limit. Twitter, right? How am I going to survive […]

Folks, this started as a joke on Facebook two days ago. I posted a picture of a Sci Fi character from a TV series Stargate SG 1 in a group of sci fi lovers.  It gathered an impressive number of ‘likes’ by that group’s standards. The picture also generated spin-offs: The most interesting part is […]

 Source: January 17, 2016: A Sunday afternoon stroll down Stargate memory lane! I truly miss Stargate Universe series. Yes, when I started watching it, I was a little reserved in my praise, but soon realized that it is a wonderful show for the GateVerse lovers. I was quite content with it. The shock of it’s cancellation […]